Sinituote Oy

Sinituote Oy is a Finnish family-owned company that has operated for more than a quarter of a century and expanded rapidly over the years. SINI, KUNGS and RÖRETS are well known and trusted brands owned by Sinituote Oy.

Today Sinituote Oy is the leading Scandinavian manufacturer and marketer of household products for home and car cleaning and clothing care.

The company provides high-quality, durable and ergonomic cleaning products, ironing boards, drying racks etc. under the SINI brand in Finland and RÖRETS in Sweden.

The SINI- group’s production facilities are situated in Finland and in Poland. In 2013 turnover for the group was € 50 million and the number of employees was approx. 400 persons.

The company has achieved a high Rating Alfa classification by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy, the leading provider of information services for corporate and risk management.

Sinituote Oy is a family company owned by Mr. Ilkka Brotherus (M.Sc.Econ.)  its Managing Director.