SINI Group's most important brands are SINI, KUNGS, SAVU, Lundia and Rörets.



SINI is Finland’s best-selling cleaning equipment system, comprising everything you need for home cleaning and housekeeping. SINI products are manufactured by the Finnish family-run company Sinituote Oy. The market leader, Sinituote invests consistently in product development and high quality. Designed and for the most part also manufactured in Finland, the products are ideally suited for the home. In addition, SINI products are a choice that promotes sustainable development.

The comprehensive SINI product range not only covers all cleaning applications but also clothes care and storage products as well as the Ruuviton bathroom shelving system based on a patented suction-cup attachment. The SINI range also includes microfibre vacuum cleaner dust bags.



KUNGS is the leading Nordic car care product system, specialising in winter-season products designed for harsh winter weather, such as snow brushes and ice scrapers. The KUNGS product range also includes equipment for washing and polishing cars, caravans and boats as well as for cleaning the interiors. The KUNGS products, too, are manufactured mainly in Finland and carry the Key Flag symbol for Finnish production.



The SAVU smoke bag is a unique, easy and clean method for preparing delicious smoky-flavoured foods at home. SAVU smoke bags are Finnish-made Key Flag products that contain only natural materials, wood chips, hardwood syrup and sugar. The SAVU smoke bags are manufactured at the Sinituote plant in Kokemäki.



Lundia Oy is a Finnish furniture manufacturer specialising in durable and ecological furnishing solutions. Lundia products have been designed and manufactured in Finland since 1949.

Lundia products are made to withstand time, in terms of both manufacturing quality and design. In contrast to today’s throwaway culture, Lundia offers genuine and sustainable development – products that live and grow together with your needs.



Rörets Industrier Ab is the leading Nordic manufacturer of ironing boards and covers, as well as storage products. The company’s principal products also include clothes drying and airing racks. As with the parent company, Rörets’ operations are based on strong customer-oriented product development and efficient in-house manufacture. In the Finnish market Rörets products are marketed as part of the SINI product family.