Sinituote history

The history of Sinituote, from the 1940s to become the leader in cleaning, household and car care equipment in the Nordic countries today.

Sini-Tuote becomes the SINI Group

The history of Sinituote dates back to the 1940s when the Einto family set up the Sini-Tuote Oy in the Tikkurila area of Vantaa. Originally the Sini-Tuote product range, in addition to cleaning equipment, included bathroom furniture, curtain hanging products, barbecues and furniture. The company’s top brands were the Sinipiika mop developed in the 1950s and the Lucifer barbecue grill, a hit product of the 1970s.

In 1988 Sini-Tuote’s cleaning equipment production along with the brand name were acquired by the Brotherus family. Renamed Sinituote, the company focused on the development and manufacture of high-quality cleaning equipment for the Finnish market. Already at that time high quality, ergonomics, ecology and good design were the cornerstones of product development.

The 1980s saw the launching of a cleaning product system based on the Sinipiika mop, which allowed the attachment of different types of cleaning heads to a universal shaft. The idea was inspired by the different types of spaces and interior surfaces of a home. The result was the Sinipoika product range with a unique quick attachment system. At the start, the Sinipoika range comprised one shaft and ten different heads. The same patented innovation, later named the SINI System, is still used in our mops, squeegees, window cleaning products and brooms. Currently the product range includes dozens of interchangeable parts under the name of SINI Cleaning System.

The Sinipiika mop has been a truly long-term cleaning product hit from generation to generation. In the 1990s we invested in further product development of the Sinipiika mop and updated its shaft, sponge and plastic parts assemblies.

Sinituote’s production has expanded radically over the years. The company is constantly developing its production at the Kokemäki manufacturing plant, where operations were moved from Vantaa in the 1970s. Following company acquisitions, the production of the traditional Swedish broom and brush manufacturer, Kungs, and Hope Smoke food smoking bags, originally produced in Kaavi, have since been moved to Kokemäki.

In the 2000s, the SINI product range expanded to include clothes care products, when Sinituote bought the Swedish company Rörets Industrier Ab in 2003. Growth continued in 2004, when Sinituote purchased the furniture manufacturer Lundia Oy from Paloheimo Oy and later acquired the dust bag manufacturer Oy Scan Dust Ab in 2005.