Care for the environment

Sinituote’s values include care for the environment, responsible consumption and quality Finnish manufacture. Sustainable development issues have been under scrutiny at Sinituote for many years now. All of the company’s operations, such as product development of the SINI and KUNGS brands, choice of materials, logistics and marketing are geared towards ecological sustainability and energy efficiency.


Examples of how Sinituote is adjusting its operations to an environmentally sustainable level include the recycling of waste and the development of production at the Kokemäki plant in order to reduce its environmental impact. The waste generated by injection moulding of plastic products is ground up and reintroduced into the process by mixing it with the raw material. This mixture can be used in the manufacture of new products, with applications including lint roller cartridges and reinforcing strips for Sinipiika replacement sponges.

All production waste is sorted and recycled appropriately. Thanks to our efficient waste handling the amount of mixed waste from production has diminished dramatically.

Sinituote’s plastics department has new generation injection moulding machines which use 30 per cent less energy than conventional machines. On a yearly basis the new injection moulding machines provide considerable energy savings. Moreover, the new equipment features software that instructs the worker to choose the most energy efficient parameters when setting up the production programme.

In winter, the Sinituote factory is heated by utilising the residual heat from the cooling systems of the plastics machines. Additional heating needed for the plant is domestically produced district heating utilising wood and woodchips.

We have also invested in the well-being of the neighbourhood by carrying out extensive refurbishment of the plant building and landscaping the grounds.

Sinituote has received praise from the City of Kokemäki for its environmental contributions and in 2011 received an award for its environmental actions.

Watch a video from the Sinituote plant on Youtube (in Finnish).

Product development

SINI products have been designed and engineered to meet the criteria of sustainable development. Our goal is to make high-quality, long-lasting products that consumers can use and combine according to their needs.

Product development is executed with respect to product life span and ensuring that the end product has a reasonable carbon footprint. Ecology, recyclability and energy saving are also important criteria in the product development of packaging and logistics. SINI products stand for a responsible choice, all the way from the drawing board to the home.

When you choose SINI, you buy only what you actually need. The SINI range of cleaning equipment is unique, as you can fit all cleaning heads needed in the home to a single handle. The wearing parts, such as mop heads and sponge cleaners are replaceable. The Sinipiika mop in an example of product longevity; it was developed in the 1960s and you can still get replacement sponges for it.

The replacement parts, including the replacement heads for the SINI dish washing brush and toilet brush reduce the amount of waste plastic. You can use the handles again and again by replacing only the worn part with a new one.

Cleaning without detergents

SINI microfibre products are an essential part of modern ecological cleaning. They remove dirt even without detergents, so you can clean surfaces using only water. Cleaning with microfibre products reduces the amount of water, detergents and mechanical work needed, and even the amount of heat energy required for the surfaces to dry.

Safe textiles

SINI ironing board covers are Öko-Tex certified. Öko-Tex is an international testing and certification system guaranteeing that textiles do not contain any substances that may cause a health risk.

Manufacturers are awarded the certificate and the right to use the Öko-Tex Standard 100 symbol on their products when the product meets all the requirements of the Öko-Tex criteria.

The product’s test number allows you to verify its Öko-Tex marking, the validity term of the certificate and the specific product group.

Recycling and disposal of products at the end of service life

The plastic components of SINI cleaning equipment are recyclable. Mops and cleaning cloths can also be reused as a source of energy by burning them. The metal components of the products can be taken to a collection point for recycling.


The majority of our packaging materials are recyclable cardboard and paperboard. All plastic packaging materials can be disposed of by burning them to produce energy. Sinituote Oy is a member of the Finnish Environmental Register of Packaging, PYR Ltd, and participates in the development of the recycling and reuse of packaging.

Compostable products

SINI compost bags for biowaste are manufactured of 100 per cent biodegradable material, made from polycaprolactame and potato starch and will biodegrade in two to six months, depending on the compost. The SINI compost bag is approved by the Finnish Solid Waste Association, identified by the Apple Symbol. Also the Sinipiika sponge and our sponge and household cleaning cloths are made of compostable natural material.